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Sweet onion of Vers Pont Du Gard

Onion sweet specialty Vers Pont Du Gard:
This sweet onion is distinguished by its particular taste (slightly sweet) for tasting both raw (in salads) or cooked (ideal for onion tart or pissaladière). It has been cultivated for nearly 200 years and labeled AOC since 2003 (European PDO since 2008).

1 L'oignon doux de Vers Pont Du Gard

2 Fougasse aux gratons de Vers Pont du Gard

The “fougasse” with grattons baker Vers Pont Du Gard

traditional recipe of the dough region bread seasoned with pepper and sprinkled with cracklings (bacon). The paste is then flattened and folded into a square several times until a pastry puff. She gladly eaten as an aperitif but the Gard prefer for breakfast and now the country tradition that perpetuates our baker of Vers-Pont-du-Gard.

Asparagus Vers Pont Du Gard

We grow three types of asparagus:
White asparagus that fully cultivated underground, in the absence of light where a delicate flavor and fine.
The purple asparagus fruity taste. This is actually a white asparagus grower whose left out the tip of the hill, suddenly it became tinged in purple on contact with light. It is slightly bitter.
Green asparagus grows entirely outdoors and its color comes from the chlorophyll synthesis process that develops in contact with sunlight. Its flavor is strong and his bud is slightly sweet. There is no need to peel.

2 bis Les Asperges de Vers Pont Du Gard
3 Tomates Provençales

Provencal Tomatoes…

Provencal tomatoes are baked slowly (several hours), accompanied by aromatic garrigue herbs, garlic and regular watering of olive oil. A wonder !

Olive Uzège

The olive tree is widespread on our roads Gard. The green Picholine is the specific variety of Uzège, the flesh is firm, for a crisp and fleshy elongated fruit, tasty and bright green. We consume the raw (ideal for cocktails) or transformed (oil, tapenade), it is protected by a A.O.C.

4 Olive de l'Uzège

Black Truffle Gard

One of our lesser known specialties even among connoisseurs quality is no longer in doubt. The black truffle winter (January, February) and summer sister are traditional products of our land. This is the luxury product of our region, and the Uzège is known for its rich production of black gold. The truffle of Gard are many and decorate our roadsides oaks (the truffle Uzes extend 15 hectares specially designed to receive you …).

Garrigue Honey Vers

Our bees are foraging thyme and rosemary which gives a very aromatic flavor.
Harvesting is done when the thyme and rosemary are blooming, it’s what we call honey “all flowers”, the creamy, easy to spread and ideal for flavoring hot and cold drinks.

6 Le Miel de l'Uzège
7 La croquignole d'Uzès

Croquignole Uzès

Small round cookie flavored with hazelnuts or almonds, its texture is hard to better melt in the mouth. Pastry very old, the Croquignole Uzes is one of the traditional Christmas desserts, weddings and baptisms which are served with coffee or tea time. Its production is similar to that of the lozenge which the syrup is sometimes orange, sometimes caramel. Hmmm ….


Small round goat cheese emblematic of the Cevennes, the Pélardon is distinguished by its manufacturing process. It is made of goat milk having grazed at least 210 days per year outdoors in a geographical area ranging from Cévenoles borders to well defined Uzège and enjoying a peaceful and prosperous natural environment. This know-how and its manufacturing process is protected by a recognizable A.O.C by its label.

8 le Pélardon fromage de chêvre
9 La Gardiane de Taureau

The bull gardiane

This name comes from “Guardian” name given to the guards high Camargue bulls herds in semi-liberty in the marshes, (clean natural landscape in the Camargue) or in areas known as “herds”. This typical dish must of course be prepared with local ingredients, starting of course with the Camargue bull meat. This meat was the first European meat to benefit from A.O.C particularly recognized for its organoleptic properties. For gardianne is added to the meat of bull aromatic garrigue herbs, carrots, onions and spicy red wine from the region. Let macerate before a long simmering then there is more to enjoy …

The Camargue rice

In Camargue, rice cultivation dates back to the thirteenth century …! The culture of the vine will just forget for a period but it gets a boost from 1942. The scenery, topography and climate of the Camargue are very conducive to rice region. Since 2000 the  Camargue rice is European name “I.G.P” (Protected Geographical Indication) guarantee of quality and total respect for the environment. Of course you will taste in the region through countless recipes.

10 Le riz de Camargue
11 Le Sel de Camargue

The Camargue salt

The Camargue salt, natural product if it is the south of France, comes from an ancestral knowledge. Its creation is the result of the combination of three elements: sea, sun and mistral. Of course this essential ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine has more to prove its taste values, true flavor enhancer. You can visit the salt of Aigues-Mortes and its remarkable ecosystem bike or train.

The focaccia Aigues-Mortes

The focaccia is a specialty of our region that are found in many forms , savory or sweet . This Aigues- Mortes is like a very soft and sweet brioche flavored with orange blossom. Focaccia of Aigues- Mortes is one of 13 Provencal Christmas desserts and once we do that manufactured for Christmas. It was only in the 70s that a baker at the idea of making all year and today it is found throughout the region to the delight of gourmets …

12 La fougasse d'Aigues Mortes
13 La fraise de Nîmes

Nîmes strawberryThe peculiarity of strawberries is mainly due to its geographical area, in fact the climate allows the cultivated strawberry in the ground to be the first spring fruit. His early period of entry into production is not its only asset, it is thin and elongated, vermilion color, moderately firm, it is very aromatic with a sweet and tangy flavor. Minced and seasoned with a dash of olive oil with a local tour pepper mill, they will give a very fine entry, they certainly agree for dessert. Nîmes strawberry made the success of gourmets. It has recently PGI.

“à gauche du Pont” Bed & Breakfast Uzès

The Nimes brandadeExclusively nîmoise originally this specialty was devised by the chef Durand in 1830. Currently, we find this preparation in several variants, each has their own comments and claims to know the real recipe. The recipe “original” held by the former consists of salt cod, olive oil, garlic, whole milk, lemon and seasoning juice. Once these ingredients pounded and associates carefully, it was necessary to “brander” the vessel that contains them, hence the name brandade. Some rajoutent potatoes, other presents Parmentier. Nîmes is considered the capital of this preparation, hence the name brandade of Nimes.

14 La brandade de Nîmes
15 Le petit pâté Nîmois

Bed & Breakfast Pont du Gard

Patty nîmoisThis block consists of a stuffing made of veal and pork, contained in a pastry. Here too variations abound, some replace veal and pork by cod brandade for example. Several artisans, butchers, caterers and bakers prepare the same patty perfectly. It consumes only hot, or with a salad.

“à gauche du Pont” Bed & Breakfast Uzès

The wine from Uzès: a history of two thousand years …From the sixth century BC, Phoenicians and Greeks introduced vines in our region and Romans continue its development.
In the Middle Ages, having been present in many pagan rituals, the wine acquires a strong symbolic meaning for the Christian clergy. The needs of the bishops are important.
Used not only for the communion of the faithful, the wine of the bishop is also a wine of honor that must be used for prestigious guests. If the bishop must hospitality and assistance to travelers and pilgrims, it is most often in his well-guarded palace resident princes, kings and emperors.
In the fifteenth century, the vine is grown on the slopes ensolleillés conquered scrubland in pens surrounded by walls in séches stones that protect flocks but also define the property.
Already at that time, there is mention of a quality vineyards and “noble wines.” Jean Racine, the great French classical dramatist of the sixteenth, staying in Uzes, said of this wine, “he was the best of the Kingdom.”
16 Vin du Duché d'Uzès
17 Vin de Bourdic
Wines of Bourdic, Tavel without forgetting the Côtes du Rhône (Châteauneuf-du-Pape) …

Bed & Breakfast Pont du Gard

Olive OilSeveral mills, Uzes and its surroundings offer different olive oils produced exclusively sometimes forgotten local varieties. The olive varieties addition Picholine (which consists of at least 70% of AOC ) are all from the Gard : fruity with old, négrette , Bouteillan and aglandau . In the mills you will taste all the flavors tasting before choosing the one you like. These oils regularly ranked in the salons delight you and will be a wonderful memory to bring the region …

18 huile d'olive de l'Uzège

“à gauche du Pont” Bed & Breakfast Uzès

Tapenade and other Provencal specialties :Under the plane trees , the Uzes market is a key event . A unique way to taste the local produce before the square are empty and let rise a new atmosphere for sightseeing.

Bed & Breakfast Pont du Gard