9 km away from Uzès, 3 km from the Pont du Gard and near the Gorges du Gardon ; The village of Vers-Pont-du-Gard has been inhabited since prehistoric times. After the Romans, the construction of the present village began with a monastery with some houses around the church. The village includes important stone quarries that have been exploited for 2000 years. The economic activity of the village is mainly wine-growing and industrial (exploitation of stone quarries) and many stone-related craftsmen are installed in Vers.
Our rooms are 2 minutes by walking from the village center and a few hundred meters from the “Chemin des vestiges”.

Fooding :

La Grange wine bar
La Petite Gare de Vers (15 min by foot) restaurant
The village market (Saturday)
Craft bakery

To visit :

The 3 wash houses
La Chapelle St Pierre
The stone quarries
Prehistoric caves (Balauzière, Salpétrière)
The church (murals, statuary, paintings)
The clock tower
Le Pont du Gard (near the stone quarries)
Other remains of the Roman aqueduct
St Privat castle XIIème
Hiking the Aqueduct route
The passage of the PR (Small hike)
The path of Calvary
The votive feast of August
The interpretive path of the Stone of Vers